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Patrik Hinrichs

In my early teens I soon realized I had a passion for music in film, but also enjoyed mixing music with my DJ equipment. Some of my inspiration came from great producers like Trevor Horn, Stephen Lipson but also the great filmscore composers like Hans Zimmer, Thomas Newman.


In 2001 I joined BMG Production Music where I was employed as Scandinavian Manager for 7 years- with great success & results.

Beginning 2008 I set up my own business,

AUX Publishing AB, together with Pernilla Österberg, representing several indie labels like Brilliant Music, Beatbox Music and many more.

In 2009/2010 the new master/publishing company AMG Scandinavia was founded.

During following years AMG contracted agents on a worldwide basis where the Swedish catalogue, ADAPT was and is used frequently in various film & TV productions globally.

In 2020, AUX & AMG merged into 1 company-

AMG Scandinavia AB. 

Since January 2021 the company is owned & controlled 100% by Patrik Hinrichs.

1st of December 2023 AMG launched it´s own creative music searchsystem offering access to our Nordic clients covering more than 120 000 tracks of quality music- everything 100% pre cleared.

Patrik Hinrichs

Patrik Hinrichs Founder & Owner

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