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Patrik Hinrichs / Founder & Co Owner

Patrik Hinrichs

In his early teens he soon realized he had a passion for music in film, but also enjoyed mixing music with his DJ equipment. Some of his inspiration came from great producers like Trevor Horn, Stephen Lipson but also the great filmscore composers.

In 2001 he joined BMG Publishing where he acted as Scandinavian Manager for 7 years- with great success & results. Beginning 2008 he started up his own business,

AUX Publishing AB, together with Pernilla Österberg.

In 2009/2010 both Patrik and Pernilla started up the succesful & creative publishing company AMG Scandinavia. During the following years AMG contracted several agents on a worldwide basis where their music is used on a regular basis in various film & TV productions.

Patrik also runs his own company called Atmosfear.

When Patrik doesn´t publish music or take fantastic photos- he enjoys riding his Indian motorcycle & spend time with his family.​​

Pernilla Österberg / Founder & Co Owner

Pernilla Österberg

was born in Gävle, Sweden. When she was 6 years old she discovered the instrument that soon began to shape her skills. Over the years ahead she spent several hours composing her own music. Pernilla never needed to play by notes-she played and still plays everything by ear.

Doing this- she developed a certain skill to compose music suited perfectly to Film and TV, which is one of her key strengths when it comes to compose unique melodic music tracks on short time work for hire projects. Her music is perfectly suited for all kind of productions.

Several of Pernillas albums are signed and distributed by Universal Publishing Production Music (former BMG Production Music) and her tracks are continously used within eg TV commercials, Film & TV shows, documentaries, docu soaps, AV productions and websites etc.

When Pernilla does not write music and work with its various publishers, she enjoys driving around with her motorcycle.​​

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