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At AMG Scandinavia AB we strongly believe that quality music should be appriciated both by credits when being used and also in terms of getting paid for the works when creating music.

Our job is to publish, distribute and promote Scandinavian quality music all over the world. Your (the composers) job is to create quality music for quality productions.

Being a proud member of STIM , we can assure you that we believe in copyright protected music and intellectual properties for all our signed composers.

Not only does AMG pay an upfront fee for the Master recordings (regardless if the music is used or not)  AMG also makes sure that you get paid by your local PRO society, when your music is used in public performance. (eg.Film, radio,TV) You also get a reasonable split in terms of synch fees if and when the music is used in eg a TV ad/commercial etc.

Please note! We only sign Scandinavian composers/artists for our  label ADAPT, who must be members of the local PRO (eg STIM, TONO, TEOSTO or KODA) Don´t hesitate to contact us at AMG - we are constantly looking for brand new talents for our label. 

Welcome to AMG Scandinavia AB

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