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Licensing music at AMG is easy and provides 100% legal certainty. It works in one of these two ways:

1) BROADCASTING Use of music in own and/or commisioned productions with STIM framework agreement (or a corresponding framework agreement with a local collecting society in the respective society- eg TONO (Norway) TEOSTO (Finland) KODA (Denmark)

All you have to do in this case is to submit a music statement about the music used in your project to the broadcaster and STIM (or the respective collecting society.) Pls note- there is NO synch license fee for you. Basis are the contracts concluded between the broadcasters and the STIM or the respective collecting society as well as the IFPI or the respective neighboring rights society.

2) Music licensing per track/ production or by subscription covering requested media like ads/commercials, social medias, AV productions/corporate films, educational, Pro Bono (Charity) websites etc.

In brief,

* All licensing are granted in perpetuity (except advertising/commercials)

* No extra fee for layouts, ad cutdowns, copies or language versions.

* The tracks of AMG constitute part of the STIM repertoire. Productions with our music are therefore          generally subject to registration at STIM. 

* To obtain flatrates, blanket licensing or special deals for multi channel networks, low budget films, student films for festivals and more in person: Make a quote for an OFFER.

In order to license the track/s you have used for your production-please fill in below formula.




In the above formula you need to fill in all 5 fields in order to make the licensing valid.

The filename is available within the Cuesheet icon/formula and/or when file is downloaded.

Once you have submit the above formula- you will within soon receive a valid license invoice to your listed email. Pls note- this is not valid for monthly/yearly subscribers.

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