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AMG offers music licensing per production or by monthly/yearly subscription covering requested media.

In brief,

* All licensing are granted in perpetuity

* No extra fee for layouts, ad cutdowns, copies or language versions.

* The tracks of AMG constitute part of the STIM repertoire. Productions with our music are therefore          generally subject to registration at STIM. 

* All prices at AMG are exclusive VAT of 6% (Sweden)

* To obtain flatrates, blanket licensing or special deals for multi channel networks, low budget films, student films for festivals and more in person: Do get in touch with us via email, phone or by using our chat tool.

In order to license the track/s you have used for your production-please fill in below formula.

Thank you for using the great music of AMG!




In the above formula you need to fill in all 5 fields in order to make the licensing valid.

The filename is created when you download the track to your Desktop.

Once you have sent the above formula- you will within 24hours receive a valid license invoice to your listed email.

Pls note- this is not valid for monthly/yearly subscribers.

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